Café Django gets its name from the late renowned jazz guitarist Jean “Django” Reinhardt.  Born in 1910 in Belgium, Django started his prolific musical career on the violin and the banjo at the age of 12, and continued to amaze his family and friends with his natural gift for music. On November 2, 1928, a fire destroyed his caravan where he and his young wife lived. He was burned severely on his left hand and leg. Doctors wanted to amputate his left arm but he refused. After a long recovery he was only able to use three fingers on his left hand. To compensate for his disability Django developed a method of playing his guitar with the damaged hand. He went on to form the Quintette du Hot Club de France. They created the concept of a lead guitar backed by a rhythm guitar. They also used their stringed instruments to create percussion like sounds

We at Café Django have always admired Django Reinhardt’s persistence and his amazing spirit. He proved that spirit and determination can overcome adversity, and he inspired people all over the world with his innovation and musical creativity. Located in the heart of downtown Bloomington, Café Django was started by Kunyang Norbu, an active Bloomington community member for many years and a firm believer in the creative spirit demonstrated by Django Reinhardt. At Café Django, we celebrate beauty in great food, kind people and wonderful music. We look forward to sharing a unique dining experience with you.

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